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If your budgeting software has recurring fees, it's a financial problem, not a financial solution
  • ScratchTrack is a desktop budgeting and cash flow tracking application for Windows
  • ScratchTrack is free  No advertisements, nag screens, locked features, or data collection. ScratchTrack is 100% donation supported.
  • ScratchTrack is inspired by the bucket and envelope budgeting workflows, with added support for credit card workflows
  • ScratchTrack was created after all the alternative products moved to a cloud-backed subscription model
Download ScratchTrack:
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Installation: ScratchTrack is a single file and there is no installer. Just copy it to your local machine and run it. If you’d like to add it to your start menu, right click it and select “Pin to Start”.

ProTip: Copy ScratchTrack to your OneDrive / DropBox / GoogleDrive folder and work from any of your synced computers.

Scratch Track features

  • Easy one screen workflow
  • Continuous feedback as you work that alerts you to potential problems
    • No need to go to reports! Historical averages are displayed on the budget
    • Sparklines (mini bar charts) visually show how much is left in each category, and how close you are to reaching savings goals
  • ScratchTrack's native file format is XLSX
    • Open and view your budget in Excel, Google Sheets, LibreOffice Calc, Apache OpenOffice Calc
  • Import transactions into accounts in the Quicken Interchange Format (QIF)
  • Support for credit card workflows
  • Requires no special permissions and never sends any data over the internet
  • Super small, fast, and portable
  • The author (me!) uses ScratchTrack daily and cares. Found a bug? Need a feature? Visit me on the message boards!

ScratchTrack's native file format is xlsx
ScratchTrack saves to a single xlsx file. If you want to view your data in a different way, just open it in Excel, Google Sheets, Open Office, etcetera. The main sheet is a budget overview, and all the pertinent data can be found on secondary sheets.

New in
Improved import (transaction mapping with wild card support). Fixed font scaling issues at varying resolutions.

New in
Added the ability to print the budget. Printing will evolve over time. Select File->Print or press ctrl+p.
Fixed minor UI issues

New in
Minor UI tweaks

New in
Fixed font scaling logic to handle displays where the font is already scaled up by windows settings
Fixed a display issue in the transactions list involving negative expenses (refunds)
Fixed the "transfer edit" dialog to properly set the "to" account when editing a transfer

New in

Savings Goals!  Envelopes can be assigned target balanaces to help plan for long term expenses such as down payments and vacations.
Sparklines (mini bar charts) in the treeview show remaining balanace / progress towards savings goals
Average monthly spending information is displayed in the tree. Use this to track the accuracy of the budgeted amount set for envelopes.
First stab at reporting. These reports won't win any beauty contests (yet). But it's a start!

New in
Use consistent terminology throughout ScratchTrack. What was "categories" or "expense categories" is now "envelopes". ScratchTrack is an envelope budgeting app. Embrace it!

New in
Switch XLSX file format
First stab at QIF import

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